Something Old-Something New


There are times in our lives when certain perceptions are greatly altered by those with whom we come in contact. This happened to me when our son, Travis, and his fiance, Savannah, chose calla lilies as the prominant flower for their wedding. Calla lilies are her favorite flower, but my first reaction to their choice was a wrinkled up nose and hand to my mouth gesture…you know the one. For as long as I can remember, I associated calla lilies with death. I think from childhood cartoons of this skinny movie star with a long haggard looking face? Don’t ask me why that image lodged in my stratosphere, and made me shudder each time it came to mind, but it was there and I couldn’t get past it, until I helped them make the invitations. I found a lovely brass calla lily stencil, and used irridescent embossing powder…the result was beautiful. Her bridal bouquet was exquisite, and my perception of this gorgeous flower changed, all because I was made to see it in a new light–stunning flowers in the hands of a beautiful new bride. Savannah’s sweet innocence and love for this flower, turned a negative image into a positive picture. Would that we could all have this profound an impact on other’s lives…
I drew the above three pictures for them in charcoal, as a gift. © Mid Stutsman 2006

2 thoughts on “Something Old-Something New

  1. That’s cool! This is why when people enter my lives I try not to turn them away unless it is obvious that they’re going to cause me nothing but trouble. Thankfully not too many people have fallen into that category.


  2. I think everyone has something unique to offer those around them, and sometimes it takes us a while to see what that something being offered is! I also think if you are open and honest and genuine, you can contribute a lot, without even knowing it!!


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