Prayer Warriors Needed…

Here are things to be concerned about and in prayer for:

  • The Love of many shall wax cold: Family matters include, divorce, teen problems, schooling, abortion
  • The economy: finances, including bank accounts, credit cards, fuel, food storage/shortage
  • The new youth service -the government’s program that will be mandatory and discourages any religious activities and prevents youth from claiming conscientious objection for entering military.
  • The freedom of speech act which will prevent any criticism of government activities from the airwaves and will prohibit preachers from preaching against abortion or homosexuality in churches
  • The one world order, including currency, one world religion and eventually the mark of Revelation’s beast. Talks are underway that this is the only solution to our world’s current economic and territorial problems
  • God’s Just Judgment: includes natural disasters and removing of those who are in defiance to His Word and commandments. We need to be ready to give an answer to those who find themselves caught in certain circumstances and are ready to hear the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We need to display the Love of God. We don’t need to judge, He will–in righteousness, and we should be ready to minister by whatever means the Lord gives us when His judgment falls.

Life around us is changing at a rapid pace…we need to be wise as serpents and harmless as doves, so that the Lord can use us in these increasingly desperate times. We need to stay apprised of the situations that are occurring daily in our government, in the world around us, and especially in Israel, God’s timepiece for the last days before His Son’s Return to reign and rule on earth from Jerusalem.

As women and men of God, we can pray and enter into spiritual warfare on behalf of these issues. We can be used mightily of God as yielded vessels, and we can take part in the most momentous of times in earth’s history…the days preceding the Lord’s Return!!

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