Tears in a Bottle…

Tears shed over loved ones who lack spiritual discernment, who have chosen the things of this world over their relationship with the Lord, who follow after teachers instead of reading the Scriptures on their own to find out what God says in His Word and who hold you in contempt because you do have spiritual discernment and choose the Lord over the things of the world and rely on the leading of the Holy Spirit to teach you the truths held within God’s Written Word… are not tears shed in vain.
There are tears shed, bidden by godly sorrow, for your own sins.
There are tears shed, unbidden by godly sorrow, for the sins of others.
I know. I cry daily for my own shortcomings, and for my children and grandchildren, because I see where they are headed if they do not change their ways. Daily is not an exaggeration; it is a fact, and one that I have no control over…the tears flow and so I release them to the Lord, for they contain fragments of my heart. I am mocked, derided, looked down upon, criticized and treated as a cast off because Jesus Christ is the center of my life. I have words of wisdom to share, but they are not wanted. If I hold my peace, I am scorned for being silent and accused of being angry or irritated. I feel like the Psalmist, David: Psalm 86:3 “Be merciful unto me, O Lord: for I cry unto Thee daily.”
I am denounced because I stand with Israel. I am railed against because I see and speak out about the tyrannical and ungodly policies of our government. And yet, this is my calling. I cannot hold my peace when truth needs to be told. I must speak. Though tears do not comfort, I find comfort in this: Psalm 56:8 “…put Thou my tears into Thy bottle: are they not in Thy book?”


  1. Mid: GOD bless you. I needed to hear this today. Thank you for your continued prayers for Colton and his family. I posted an update on my blog. andrea


  2. Thank you, Mary! I appreciate you and your prayers. I think it hurts more when it is the very ones I love the most who draw the tears. I was gently reminded by the Holy Spirit of Jeremiah 12:5,6. ;)I think that might be my next post!!


  3. Found you from a comment you left on Billys blog…thought I would drop by. Congratulations on the success of your writing contest entries. As a fellow writer/blogger I know what it feels like to send off your bundle of words like a new born baby and hope that someone else will think it is as lovley as we do!


  4. If you keep silent, the very rocks will cry out. I read something in Jeremiah today, (can’t remember the address, ’cause I was flipping through to somewhere else), Jeremiah was prophesying to Israel. He knew they wanted him killed if he spoke for God, but he also realized the importance of being obedient to God.I applaud your courage. God sees, and yes, HE does bottle our tears, and one day HE will wipe them from your eyes.LVYA, Karlene.ps. did you send me that website on the feasts?


  5. I’ll echo Andrea. I needed this today, too.We are all called to be a voice in our own wilderness, to speak regardless of the consequences or the response. And that will bring tears.Tears that God Himself will one day dry from our eyes.


  6. Urgent updated prayer request for colton on my blog. You will also see a negative comment from someone who lives in Landrum SC and my reply. PLEASE KEEP PRAYING, andrea


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