7 thoughts on “It’s a Girl!!

  1. thank you, all of you! I am wanting to write and garden…enjoy all that summer brings, but Nya is too irresistible! That plus she's keeping her mommy up at night and sleeping during the day…which makes for a very tired mommy! ;)hugs to all of you!mid


  2. Every baby is a gift from God and every grandbaby is a very special gift from God!!! Congrats, sweetie! I see the time of these other comments but not the date. Was it today that she was born? Does she live near you so you can get lots of hugs and kisses? I'm so hoping one of my dils will call me up and say "Guess what? There's something in the oven and it will be ready in about 6 months!" Please, Lord, let it be so. I want another grandbaby so bad! Love you, Mid!


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