Barriers…What an Experience!!


Got my proofs back the other day and was so pleased with the design team’s work!
Had one change for the back cover… and 2 for the cover work. Looks great! Wish
I could show you… counting the days!!!

Had many corrections for the text pdf! Seeing it in another font and set up made
the mistakes pop out at me! So, a tip: When you are editing your own work, try
formatting it in a different font and go from double spacing to single, or visa-versa…
you’ll be surprised at what you see!

Happy Writing!!

In His Love,

2 thoughts on “Barriers…What an Experience!!

  1. Hi Amy! I'm hoping yet this month…oops, I'm a day ahead of myself… January, if I understood the turn around time from the final okay from me. What a way to start the new year… I'm wanting this weekend to be over *Grin*


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