White Horse Rider: Carol’s Assurance


Don and Carol Mehl are special friends…some of you might know them. Perhaps what you don’t know is that Carol has been through hell on earth with physical attacks against her heart and body, resulting in multiple surgeries and constant doctor visits, endless medication changes, and a life falling short of “quality”, like many of us are privileged to enjoy each day. For three years her health has deteriorated, and she has battled discouragement, until early Saturday morning, when she could hardly wait to tell Don about what had happened during the night. This is the story she told to Him:

“While she was praying at bedtime, she said, “Lord, You know that I’ve been through so much over the past three years.  There’s been so much pain and uncertainty.  My physical and emotional needs are great – perhaps greater now than ever before.  It seems that many have forgotten about me, because they don’t ever call or come to visit.  I trust in You, I lean on You, and You speak to me through Your Word.  You’re my all in all, but I need to know that You still love me.”
“Please tell me that You still do.  I need something I can feel, something I can see, something I can hear, or something I can touch that will tell me that You haven’t abandoned me – for I love You so much and long to see You.”
Carol told me that one of the times during the night when she was awake, she suddenly saw a rider on a white horse on the far side of her large bedroom.  She couldn’t  see the rider’s face clearly because both the rider and the horse had a glow about them making details impossible to see.  Her immediate thought was that Jesus was coming!!
Carol told me she quickly sat up in bed and called out, “Jesus…Jesus…Jesus!”  At that point the rider and horse came closer to her – almost close enough for her to reach out and touch.  Then, suddenly they were gone.
After sharing that story with me she said, “Don, I know that was an answer to my prayer last night.  He still loves me because Jesus Himself showed up to give me assurance.  And, the white horse?  That told me He’s coming back very soon, just as told in Revelation 19!!!”
I took her by the hand and said, “Yes, He loves you and He always will – and He is coming back soon.”  Then, our tears began to flow.

Carol is absolutely certain she wasn’t dreaming because she remembers looking over at our dog to see if Betsy was still sleeping – hoping she wouldn’t bark.” 

Please pray for this precious couple. Don is a co-author with me on The Israel Connection blog. He has all the responsibilities of the home plus taking care of Carol, and he has his own health problems along with battling discouragement at times. I don’t know about you, but I was crying and jumping for joy when I read this!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In His Love,

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