Signs of Spring

Funny how it’s the little things, which bring the most happiness!! I just found these daffodils poking up through our winter ravaged earth. Granted, they are next to the south side of the house and benefit from the reflected warmth of the recent week of sunshine, but, still… how my heart sang with thanksgiving when I saw, not only life, but buds, swelling and ready to burst into beautiful golden rays of joy!! Did I tell you I love Spring??!!!
How like the Lord to bless this way after a very long, snowy winter!

In His Love,

2 thoughts on “Signs of Spring

  1. Andrea, how are things going?? You are so faithful to stop by and comment.I wish I had time to read everyone's blogs and comment. I know that's how you get a lot of followers, but I just wouldn't have time to do what is needed around here and get any writing done as well–which I barely have time for anymore. So many said "you need to have a presence online", so I have twitter and facebook and FW's, and Shoutlife and Myspace, not to mention my website and 2 blogs, plus writing for 2 magazines…Now, I don't have time to just write!! I'm imploring heaven as to what to do…


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