When God Speaks . . .


Early morning rises, and in the stillness of the quiet surrounding, all the din of past yesterdays, all the political rhetoric, all the weather related calamities, and all the unrest and upheavals in the world, but especially the Middle East, fade away into utter awe at the beauty before me. I take a breath and tell my heart to be still . . . God is speaking!

So if you find life is a bit overwhelming, take heart. I hope you have a place of quiet rest you can enter and feel God’s presence and know that He is in total control of everything. If not, simply close your eyes, and He will be there. Then still your heart and listen . . . I think you’ll find God is speaking.

In His love,



    • Nan! His Banner of us is Love, for sure! Thank you for stopping by~I’m still working on it, trying to get a theme I like 🙂 Love you back!


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