A Note from Mary Farino

Opened Doors means Closing some behind...Dear Mid,

Fate truly works in mysterious ways, I was browsing the internet and accidently came across your site. As you can imagine I was shocked and truly honored by your wonderful tribute to my best friend, husband and father of my two children, Thomas J. Farino. Tom was a faithful, loving, extremely intelligent & giving person. Because of that he helped build a truly wonderful and strong foundation for our two children. Thank you Tom, for all the lives you have touched and continue to touch. And, thank you Mid, your kind tribute means more then you could imagine.

God Bless, Mary

One comment

  1. Mid, it is just wonderful that she got to see your blog on your excellent tribute to her husband. I am sure it touched her so much, and I know that this note to you means so much. I think it great that you got this kind sweet note.Hugs,Katie


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