Immersed . . .

In awe, I photographed the sun’s rays, bursting through the clouds, and I was encompassed with a time-less sensation of being immersed in those majestic moments when all of creation declared God’s Glory  . . .  something that can Never be captured on film!

In His Love,


I Will Not Be Silenced . . .

Someday I may be forcibly forbidden to write or speak of  Yeshua-Jesus, my Messiah, the One who redeemed me from the shameful darkness of sin by giving His life for mine. But though my words be removed as though my tongue were cut out, my thoughts will continue to be on Him; my eyes will reveal God’s Mercy; my lips will smile and convey His Love; my hands will show His kindness; my arms will hold and give His tender comfort; my feet will walk in His ways and lead others down the narrow path that leads to eternal Life! Even in death, should my life be taken, all I have done in His Name will remain to proclaim His greatness, His power, His glory, His love, His forgiveness, His promises. You Cannot silence me . . . You Will Never Silence Him!

Double Sundogs reveal God's Grace

More Than A Blur In Time . . .

The Lord is my Light and my Salvation!

We exist this side of time and space for such a short period ~ a blur in the lives of some, an indelible mark in the hearts of others. The image we leave behind at the end will speak volumes about our life and the impact it has had on those we’ve come in contact with, whether family, friends, or even strangers. Either Christ, the Son of God, shines through us and uses us to light the way for those lost in the dark, or we walk in darkness ourselves and are forgotten . . . like a passing shadow.

While some would advise developing a thick outer shell so as to make it through life with as few scars as possible, I believe we need to become as thin as a gossamer cloud, so the Light of God’s Love within will emit a glow so bright it will beckon others to follow us into eternal blessings!

In His Love,


Joy~Peace~Trust: Come What May . . .


This photo of my ‘cabin’ Hummingbird encapsulates my feelings right now ~ that of joy, peace, and trust! I am hearing so many Christians talk about being nervous and wringing their hands and weeping and fasting and praying that this 2016 election will go their way. What way? Is not our way the straight and narrow path that leads to life eternal with the Lord? Our way needs to be God’s way. HIS Will, not ours. If our freedoms and our right to worship are taken away or we are persecuted because of them, are we any better than our brothers and sisters in Christ in China, Iran, parts of Africa or wherever else they may be living under evil leadership?

I’ve been fasting and praying as well, but the Lord has given me peace. I know He is faithful to His Word~the Bible~the Holy Scriptures, for He says He will never leave me nor forsake me. It’s my faith in Him that engenders joy, peace and trust! And so we can and aught to pray for peace, but if it does not happen, we have this confidence within us that it will be all right, according to HIS plans and purposes! This is our witness to the world . . . may we be faithful to it!

In His Love,


Once Upon a Time . . .


Here is a dream website I designed, which was to be created by my Son, who is now working for Brain Technologies in L.A. This was 12 years ago! I had worked on a vision, but it was too hard to put together at the time, and I had to settle for something a bit different. Someday I’ll figure it out, but ’til then it’s still my dream. And if I’ve learned one thing in this long life of mine, it’s never give up on your dreams!! Lord Willing, they Can come to pass!!

In His Love,


When God Speaks . . .


Early morning rises, and in the stillness of the quiet surrounding, all the din of past yesterdays, all the political rhetoric, all the weather related calamities, and all the unrest and upheavals in the world, but especially the Middle East, fade away into utter awe at the beauty before me. I take a breath and tell my heart to be still . . . God is speaking!

So if you find life is a bit overwhelming, take heart. I hope you have a place of quiet rest you can enter and feel God’s presence and know that He is in total control of everything. If not, simply close your eyes, and He will be there. Then still your heart and listen . . . I think you’ll find God is speaking.

In His love,


A True 911 Hero – Captain Thomas J. Farino

                                        May We NEVER Forget!!
Each Year I remember this heroic man who captured my admiration and respect. His wife, Mary, and I are now friends. She posted this picture and said the following: “this painting (in the middle of the glass case memorial) is of an actual photograph found inside the truck of Engine 26. It was taken on the way to the World Trade Center. It is amazing, when the other firefighters found the camera in the truck, they never thought they would find such photos. After developing, they held that one for awhile before letting me know about it. Apparently one of the firefighters sitting in the back leaned out as they were approaching the towers and took the shot–Tom’s reflection happen to be in the mirror.”

Remembering September 11, 2001

Watching the events unfold that day was the same for me as it was for millions of viewers worldwide. I sat in stunned silence with tears flowing, unbelieving at first, until reality set in. I prayed, with all my heart, for complete strangers–until now. It is my privilege to introduce to you a remarkable young man–Captain Thomas J. Farino, Engine Company 26, of the New York Fire Department.
On September 11, 2001, 342 fire fighters rushed into the burning inferno that others were fleeing in an effort to escape, and they lost their lives that fateful day. Thomas Farino was one of them. His co-workers describe him as having been fearless, confident and in control. From what I’ve found about him, I believe he never took a thought for his own safety, and if he would have known what was going to happen that day, I don’t think he wouldn’t have hesitated for a second to continue trying to save the lives of others.
Thomas was the youngest of six boys in his family. Following in the footsteps of his father and one of his brothers, he joined the NYPD and served for two years before becoming a firefighter. He was known for being self-assured and having a great sense of humor. His confidence inspired his co-workers, who felt safe when he was with them.
His wife, Mary, describes him as a rock on which she built her life. For much of their 20 years together, he encouraged her to love him all she wanted, to want him all she wanted, but not to need him so much. He wanted her to derive her strength from someone higher than himself. After the attack, she realized how prophetic his words were to her.
Because of the nature of his job, Captain Farino was able to spend quality time with his children, Jane and James. They loved him, and they miss him. For a time after 911, they would ask their mother if they could go look for him. James even slept with his father’s captain hat. Theirs is a loss many of us will never be able to comprehend. The following is a message his children placed at the periphery of the World Trade Center, which read:
“To Daddy
I love you more than forever. I am glad for two reasons. One reason is that I am happy God is making you happy. Also my second reason is that you died in a very honorable way and the world thinks and is thankful that you saved people, and you are a hero.
Thank you Dad.”
To Mary, Jane, and James, I can truly say I am sorry for your loss, for the hurt and the pain. In this short time, with all I’ve come to know about this extraordinary man, I wish with all my heart I could have had the honor of knowing him.
Thomas Farino, thank you for your dedication, your commitment and your inspiration. You are a true hero…you are my hero. 
Mary’s response upon finding this on the net:
Dear Mid,

Fate truly works in mysterious ways, I was browsing the internet and accidentally came across your site. As you can imagine I was shocked and truly honored by your wonderful tribute to my best friend, husband and father of my two children, Thomas J. Farino. Tom was a faithful, loving, extremely intelligent & giving person. Because of that he helped build a truly wonderful and strong foundation for our two children. Thank you Tom, for all the lives you have touched and continue to touch. And, thank you Mid, your kind tribute means more then you could imagine.

God Bless, Mary

Father, in the name of Jesus, Your Son, please take all who are hurting still these 9 years later and heal and comfort them. In light of all that is taking place concerning the area surrounding Ground Zero, I ask for wisdom and the strength to stand against acts of terrorism. May our cry echo that of the Israelis with the Holocaust a grim reminder, and who battle this insanity on a daily basis…Never Again! 
In His Love,

Peaceful Assurance

With all that is happening in the world and here in the States, I find calm assurance in God’s Written Word…may you find the peace and love of God stated in this Psalm. We have nothing to fear if our trust is in the Lord!

Psalm 3

 Lord, how are they increased that trouble me! many are they that rise up against me.
 Many there be which say of my soul, There is no help for him in God. Selah.
 But Thou, O LORD, art a shield for me; my glory, and the lifter up of mine head.
 I cried unto the LORD with my voice, and He heard me out of His holy hill. Selah.
 I laid me down and slept; I awaked; for the LORD sustained me.
 I will not be afraid of ten thousands of people, that have set themselves against me round about.
 Arise, O LORD; save me, O my God: for Thou hast smitten all mine enemies upon the cheek bone; Thou hast broken the teeth of the ungodly.
 Salvation belongeth unto the LORD: Thy blessing is upon Thy people. Selah. (King James)

In His Love,

Rosh HaShanah-Shanah Tovah Umetukah

Rosh HaShanah begins tonight at sundown in Israel. It is the beginning of their calendar year 5771. Today is the first day of the seventh month of Tishri. In Leviticus 23:24, God says the first day shall be a Shabbat or Sabbath ushered in with the blowing of trumpets or shofars. Yom Teruah (Day of Blowing). Many Israelis will be blessing each other with the greeting, Shanah Tovah Umetukah– A Good and Sweet Year. It is also the first day of the 10 Days of Awe in which many Jews will examine their hearts and ask for forgiveness for any wrong doings they’ve committed during the past year in preparation for Yom Kippur.
Shanah Tovah Umetukah…May the Lord Bless Israel this coming year with prosperity and peace!
In His Love,

Accepting the Unexpected

No matter how much we plan and design and scheme and manipulate our gardens, sometimes things just spring up and make themselves at home. Usually they are called weeds, and we put on our battle gear and go to war until they are eliminated from our rows of perfect produce. That is, if we are diligent and catch them before they take over!!
And then there are unexpected visitors who delight us with their presence, and we haven’t the heart to evict them. This year our wild Oswego Tea, sometimes called Monarda or Bee Balm, made such an appearance, and I wasn’t about to pull it out…so it grew up beside my Purple Cone flower bed and thrived. Most likely I’ll transplant it next year, but it did no harm and graced my garden with a myriad of blooms…much to the approval of my hummingbirds!
There are times in our lives when the unexpected happens, and we have to make a choice to either accept it as a blessing, or to fight it and hope it goes away. The tricky part is discerning what is the better course for the situation and for us, and that comes through prayer and faith in the Lord’s leading. Listening to His voice and searching out His Word makes it easier to distinguish between the nuisance of “weeds” in the gardens of our lives, or the blessings of “blossoms”!
In His Love,