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Saturday, June 5, 2010
Author to Author: Sheryl Young



I believe it is imperative for Christians to know and understand their Jewish heritage. Jesus was, after all, a Jew, and the first “Christians” were Jewish converts to His teachings. And I can think of no better way to present such truths than to have them explained by a Jewish Believer. I met Sheryl Young online at LinkedIn and accepted her invitation to exchange interviews about our books. That’s when we discovered we had a lot more than just writing in common.
Sheryl is from a Jewish background and grew up believing the stories in the Torah, the Jewish version of the Old Testament.  Her husband’s mother was a Christian. When he rediscovered Jesus after many years, Sheryl was hesitant about how it would all work out, so she set out to prove the Gospel wrong. It was as she studied the Old Testament and dared to compare it with the New that her doubts dissolved. She says she fell in love with Yeshua, her Messiah, saw her Jewish heritage with new appreciative eyes, and realized the two could fit perfectly together. She has since written a book: “What Every Christian Should Know About the Jewish People”.
Since 1987, Sheryl has been a “Jewish believer in Jesus”. She wrote this book for Christians to answer the many questions they have asked her over the years about Judaism, the Jewish peoples’ culture, faith, and why Jewish people are hesitant to accept the Gospel message of Christ as their true Messiah. Today, more than ever, she and I believe the Church needs to understand its role in God’s plan for His people. As she states: “This book isn’t a gift to give to a Jewish friend. It is for Christians to learn more about the Jewish faith, the “Jewishness” of Jesus, how to help Jewish people believe that the whole Bible is truth, and much more. Inside this book, you can discover the key to building bridges between the only two faiths who believe in the one true God.”
Sheryl has been freelance writing professionally since 1997, and I appreciate her professional and yet warm and personal style. Her work has been seen in the Tampa Tribune, St. Pete Times and Florida Baptist Witness Newspapers; Light & Life, Today’s Christian Woman and Better Nutrition Magazines; “Chicken Soup for the Soul,” Vista Sunday School Curriculum, and most currently as Staff Writer for The Underground Online Christian Magazine.

Find details about How to Order “What Every Christian Should Know about the Jewish People” at her blog, It is available through Pleasant Word Publishing or online at and most other bookselling websites.

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