My name is Mid (Siese) Stutsman. I am happily in love and married for 4 years to an awesomely wonderful man; mother to 12 equally awesome young men and women; Nana to 12 beautiful, and awesome as well, grandchildren!

I was born and raised in Washington State. At present, we live at our dream “cabin” along the West coast of northern Michigan.

As an author of six books, with several works in progress,  I find writing is part of who I am, and a way to communicate what is in my heart, along with my three blogs:  Graffiti Inspired  The Israel Connection  Israel’s Legal Right to the Land

You can view my current books at: Mid Stutsman, Author

6 books

Barriers is a romantic suspense set in Israel in a day and age when few understand the Biblical and prophetical significance of this ancient culture, beloved of God:

Anne Sheridan is on a mission when she makes Aliyah to Israel. After an unexplained icon appears on her computer screen, following the suspicious death of her husband, she wants answers. But Anne has a secret of her own. Through a complicated twist of fate, her arrival in the Holy Land sets in motion a chain of events with fearful consequences of international proportions. Caught in the middle of a struggle between the Israeli Government and a feared Hamas terrorist, her quest takes a dangerous detour. Her only hope for survival is to examine her heart and place her faith in God. Ari Milchan, the intriguing Major of the Israeli Defense Force further complicates her dilemma. Can the two of them overcome ancient religious and cultural barriers for a chance to love again? Will Anne’s secret bring redemption or heartache?

The Færen Lands is an allegorical biography.

Lufeirn, the head Guardian over Lirendel, the crystal city of the Færen Lands, fails a test of loyalty and succumbs to the destructive force of pride. His lust for the power revealed in a gem of unparalleled beauty, brings to ruin the age of purity and innocence in this majestic realm. His subsequent rebellion against King Læagas results in his banishment. The outcast changes his name to Shutan and establishes his own kingdom in the Grielands.
Judeh Arien, the king’s son, infiltrates the dark lord’s realm on a quest to exonerate his father’s name and to find a mysterious woman who haunts his dreams.
When Judeh finds Halael, her past history with the dark lord has damaged her heart in ways that seem irreparable, and keeps her from finding the sole weapon capable of defeating Shutan’s power. From the tortured ashes of her failures, she must rise to become a fearless leader, but will she accept Judeh’s unconditional love? Will it be enough to transform her into a warrior princess?

In Times Like These is a collection of short stories and poems for such a time as this . . .

57 images, including original drawings and photographs, illustrate this unique, visual narrative concerning the time in which we live. Be encouraged and uplifted by the thoughts, poetry and short stories, which begin before Time was created and span the years through to the present. Though fear and uncertainty surrounds us, we can have peace and hope in this exciting day and age in which we live!

Journey of the Heart is a picturesque profile of each season.

A poetic journey with full color photography and stories that tap into the emotional heart of each Season’s character.

At the Edge of Shadows and Dreams is a fictional account of a spiritual journey of faith.

A cycling adventure, the death of her husband, and the discovery of heirloom jewelry, become entangled in a mystery. Fearful for her life and confused by haunting dreams, Angel Van Hoven struggles with God’s forgiveness and the love of a longtime friend, the only things powerful enough to pull her from the shadows of depression into the reality of true happiness again.

Alone in His Presence brings you Faith Inspired Thoughts, Short Stories  and Personal,  Spiritual Insights

Take some time out of the everyday busyness of life to bask in God’s presence and be uplifted and encouraged.

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