I Will Not Be Silenced . . .


Someday I may be forcibly forbidden to write or speak of  Yeshua-Jesus, my Messiah, the One who redeemed me from the shameful darkness of sin by giving His life for mine. But though my words be removed as though my tongue were cut out, my thoughts will continue to be on Him; my eyes will reveal God’s Mercy; my lips will smile and convey His Love; my hands will show His kindness; my arms will hold and give His tender comfort; my feet will walk in His ways and lead others down the narrow path that leads to eternal Life! Even in death, should my life be taken, all I have done in His Name will remain to proclaim His greatness, His power, His glory, His love, His forgiveness, His promises. You Cannot silence me . . . You Will Never Silence Him!

Double Sundogs reveal God's Grace

Once Upon a Time . . .



Here is a dream website I designed, which was to be created by my Son, who is now working for Brain Technologies in L.A. This was 12 years ago! I had worked on a vision, but it was too hard to put together at the time, and I had to settle for something a bit different. Someday I’ll figure it out, but ’til then it’s still my dream. And if I’ve learned one thing in this long life of mine, it’s never give up on your dreams!! Lord Willing, they Can come to pass!!

In His Love,


Created For His Pleasure


Looking out at my patio through the front door.

I am in the process of creating a front yard patio. I dug out an area and leveled it and hauled sand and leveled it again. I picked out the brick design I wanted and lifted and strong-armed the blocks into place. I hauled wheel barrow loads of dirt to build a small mound to encircle the patio and planted flowers and ferns and hostas and a hydrangea. I have hunted, dug up and maneuvered rocks into paths around the patio. My sweet husband indulged me and let me buy an arch and gate, a matching post with double hooks for hanging flowers and wind chimes, and smaller arches to complete the look. He even found a table and chairs at a garage sale. The patio sits just outside our front porch…a lovely sight to look out upon.

Yesterday, when I pulled maple seedlings and weeds from the moss beds that surround the patio, and dug up and transplanted sedum around the edges, I thought, Why am I working so hard on this? Am I just wasting my time? I still have lots of flowers to buy and then plant around the mound. I still have to finish the brick edging and the small fireplace insert at one edge. I need to buy clematis vines to grow up over the arch. All for what?? We seldom get time just to sit and enjoy it.

I pulled another seedling and brushed my hand over the lush carpet of moss with its tiny fern-like leaves, shimmering in the dappled sunlight, and I realized something very amazing–I was doing it all for my pleasure.

For my pleasure. The Lord then spoke to my heart and showed me that it is the same feeling He gets from looking out over all His handiwork in the heavens. People say, “if there are no other inhabitants out there among the stars and planets, it seems like an awful waste of space.”

“Not so,” says the Lord. “I created it for My pleasure.” Revelation 4:11 “Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honor and power: for Thou hast created all things, and for Thy pleasure they are and were created.”

Have you ever looked at the heavens and marveled at the majestic beauty and wonder of it all? It brings even more enjoyment to the Lord. He created it for His pleasure. Man can waste his time and money searching for answers, but the truth is, God created everything for His pleasure. Period. That includes you and me! (Thank you, Andrea, for pointing that out)

Just as I hope others find my patio sanctuary a lovely and inspiring place, I believe the Lord feels the same way about His handiwork. And if they don’t, it doesn’t matter–what He and I have created brings us pleasure!

What a freeing thought!



There are inspirations that the Lord has given in times past, and I’d like to share them from time to time. Like this one:

Spring, her features more subtle than the riotous beauty of her cousin, Summer, appears on her own terms, coaxing life from Earth’s barren womb. She charms us with her beauty and grace, as she drives away the shivers left over from winter’s cold unfeeling days. She renews the cycle of life with her gracious warmth and soft array of bud and bloom and welcome colors amid the drab. When all is said and done, I, for one, will forgive her uneven temperament and capricious nature. She is my inspiration; my hope in the renewal to come.
© Mid Stutsman 2006