At a Glance . . .


Don’t be deceived by appearances! The Great Blue Heron may look like a crotchety, stooped over, spindly-legged, old man past his prime, with messy hair, a pot belly and a long, unkempt beard, but make no mistake, this is one agile fisherman! And his grace in flight is one of my favorite profiles ~ one I desire to capture some day!

Along the same train of thought, be careful, Christian, who you listen to, for there are many deceivers among us in these last days. Get to know God, His Son~Jesus, and the Scriptures intimately, and trust for protection from every wind of doctrine, false prophesies, and date-setting!! No man knows the day or hour of our Lord’s appearing. That’s why HE admonishes us to be ready at all times, and to walk in The Light of His Truth, not in the darkness of this world. Matthew 24 and Luke 21 . . . Look Up!!


In His Love,


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