Cards and Prints ~ Images Inspired

Watercolor, Sketches and Photography. Please Note: All the images shown are my own work. The paintings are done on watercolor paper which is not quite white, but because of lighting, they may appear different colors on here, the same with my sketches. I can assure you the backgrounds are all the same light color.

Because God has blessed, I would love for these original watercolors and pencil sketch prints to bless others who might need encouragement. I will be uploading often. Feel free to email me at: to place an order. You can have any Scripture verse added to the sketches. All prints can be matted or sent without a mat. I have laminated some of the original watercolors (optional) as well, to preserve the paint.

Watercolor Paintings: Large 11×14 mat with 8×10 insert and small 8×10 mat with 4 1/2×6 1/2insert: Prints and Originals:(open images in a new tab to view regular size or hold down the cursor on your phone to enlarge) Please email for prices. I will add more as time allows, and I’m also working on adjusting the photos for size consistency. Thank you for your patience.

The watercolors below are all laminated (9×11½) and only need to be matted and framed.

These two have gold accents

The Following are not laminated and should be matted and framed behind glass. A black or white mat can be included. I can add gold accents, and I can also laminate if requested.

I’m offering these drawings as Prints. You can request a Scripture Verse and to have them laminated.

Wing Sketches II

Chickadee Sketches

Hummingbird Sketches

8×10 Sketches

CARDS: 5 x 6 1/2 with envelopes.These cards are my watercolor prints and sell for $2.00 each. Email me and order by the name on the front, which is expressly for reference and is not on the real cards.

Black and White Cards from my sketches. 5 1/2 by 4 1/4 . $2 each with self-sealing envelopes. Email me with your choices and number of each.

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New Cards, Vertical and Horizontal, from Watercolor Paintings: Some already have Scripture verses. I can add your preference to any of the plain ones. 5 1/2 x 4 1/4 with self sealing envelopes. $2 each. Email me with your number choices and amount of each, along with your address.

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