Lies, Lessons, and Longings

When asked about the end of the age, and His coming back, Jesus first told His disciples to not be deceived before He told them what to look for! Matthew 24:4 “Take heed that no man deceive you for many shall come in My Name, saying “I am Christ” and shall deceive many.”

Many, meaning the masses. Many feel we have been deceived, not just by those who report the news, but by men who stand in the church pulpits, and by those who govern over us. Many want to cancel the year past as though it never existed, and long for a better year ahead, instead of looking for the lessons of what we have all gone through.

What if all that has happened continues to happen in order to prepare us for what is about to happen? What if a greater deception is on the horizon, and God is trying to wake us up to the fact that our only hope lies in Him ~ in His Word? If you are just longing for things to get better, then you may have missed the greatest lesson of all: that God loves you and wants you to trust in Him to get you through what lies ahead.

Jesus said He was the way, the truth and the life, and that no one can come to the Father, except through Him. Don’t listen to the lies. Learn from the past. And let your longing be for the Lord as you put your trust in Him today for whatever may happen next.

In His Love,


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