Ever Alert . . .

Doe and Bambi 2

A cautious doe brought her “bambi” to the deer and mineral blocks we have set out for them . . . a sight I’ve wanted to see for some time.  In fact, I had waited all summer, hoping it might happen. But truth be told, I had given up. We had several does, and two young bucks visit frequently, but no sign of any babies, and I felt it was getting too late to hope anymore. But God had a lesson to teach me, and it happened this past Labor Day Weekend as I was sitting on the couch, busy with other things. For some reason, I just happened to look up and there she was with her little one! I nearly shouted (good thing I didn’t) and grabbed my camera just in time to get a couple of good photos through  our patio door windows.

I have to wonder if the church isn’t in the same situation today . . . it’s been watching and waiting for the Lord to return for so long with nothing happening, that now it has pretty much given up all hope. Instead of continuing to teach the truth, it has succumbed to the ancient lies of  that serpent, the devil, called Satan, who asked Eve in the garden, “Yea, hath God said . . . ?”

Those of us who believe Jesus meant what He said when He told His disciples He would return, must never waiver or become weary in watching for Him.  It will happen just as suddenly as the doe and her fawn appeared, and we need to be ready! And with what is happening around the world today, it looks like it could be anytime now!

In His Love,


    • Thank you, Nancy~ pretty sure there will be some who will disagree about the “church”, but I strongly feel God, in His grace and mercy, is getting our attention! Time is short!!


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