In Everything Beautiful, Honoring Those We’ve Lost

hummer hosta f

I see your reflection in everything
beautiful, hear the wind sigh your
name when thoughts of you hold me.
I feel you enfold me, embracing,
protecting, reassuring me life will
get better somehow. Still, I want
you here now.

You were the song I sang in the
mornings when the sun chased the
moonbeams across your face.
You were the rhapsody I heard
in the evenings, until the stars
shushed our hearts to sleep.
I danced through each day gathering
lyrics with every whisper of your
name, and the song became my reason
for being until the day
you were called away.

My prayers surrounded you, but God’s
will was higher. Darkness descended
…you never returned.
It was hard to accept you were not
mine alone. You tried to tell me
you were a servant, but instead
of listening, I tried to hang on.

Now today you are honored by the
lives you’ve touched, by giving
your own so unselfishly. And when
I think of all who are thankful
for the ultimate sacrifice you made,
I see your reflection in everything
beautiful, and hear your song
…when the wind sighs your name.

©Mid Stutsman 2007

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