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reflectionsCoincidence Or Is It A Message From God?

01.21.2008 It seems like this is just too uncanny that these are all ‘coincidences’. On January 8, 2008 the day that President Bush left the USA for Israel in order to lay the framework for the establishment of a Palestinian State and the division of Jerusalem for its capital , a freak ‘January’ tornado swept through a city in Bush’s own country. The place hit was ‘Jerusalem’, Arkansas. Coincidence?

One church was totally destroyed in the tornado’s path. The name of it was “Mt. Zion” Community Church. Coincidence? To see video, click HERE: Video will load and play automatically.

One man was killed in the tornado. He was a ‘Pope’ County resident. His name, was Billy Carter.

On Sunday of last week, I read out a report about this ‘freak tornado’ which hit Jerusalem, Arkansas. (Tovia Singer spoke about the tornado on his show after mine, on Wednesday) I was emailed by a few people last week to write on the tornado, but I didn’t have time to do it until now. So, let’s examine some interesting ‘coincidences’ here.

1) A tornado in the month of JANUARY?
2) This tornado hits a city called ‘Jerusalem’.
3) It destroys a church called, ‘Mt. Zion’.
4) Hits in a place called ‘Pope’ County

All this on the day Bush leaves for Israel to wage war on G-d by going against the Bible and dividing the Land of Israel.

The very next day, Thursday January 9th, another calamity strikes America. As Israel experiences a very heavy and unusual heavy fog during Bush’s visit, central Florida gets hit with a freak heavy fog. A mega 70 car accident takes place. The worst highway disaster in Florida’s history.

See video by clicking HERE: (Video will play after one ad).

What is interesting here is the number 70. A neighbor of mine whom I often give a lift to, was waiting at the gas station near where Bush’s entourage passed on its way to Ramallah. The roads were closed down and he was stuck waiting and watching. He saw Bush’s entourage pass by. He counted 70 cars.

70 cars driving with Bush to Ramallah in heavy fog, and 70 cars in a horrible accident in Florida under heavy fog. Coincidence?

Let me remind you again what I wrote in a blog on the significance of the number 70 that we keep seeing in the news these last few weeks. The number 70 is the number of nations that met in Paris, France, to raise billions of dollars to create a viable (enemy) Palestinian State. 70 is the number that the letters Gog and Magog add up to.

Gog and Magog is the war of the Nations of the world who come against Jerusalem and Israel. And the nations of the world, numbers 70 according to the Bible as explained in the story of the Tower of Babel where G-d mixes up the people with 70 languages, who then disperse to become 70 different nations.

Is all of this JUST a coincidence?

Jewish Indy – Tamar Yonah

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