In the dead of summer, when temps are a fiery 90 + degrees, and the humidity drips close to 100%, we have been given a respite. Temperatures in the mild-to pleasantly high 70s during the day, and down into the snuggly 50s at night. Very little humidity, if at all. I picked green beans, cucumbers, zucchini and tomatoes today under an overcast sky, amid a pleasant breeze, which reminds me of early fall. Wind chimes are tinkling softly and I feel mellow and contemplative. Is this the calm before the storm?
I feel the same way about what’s happening in the world…is there a lull leading up to the dramatic terror-ridden EndTimes, such as is spoken of in Ezekiel 38 and 39? I could lay my head down and take a nap, it is so quiet and still, but if I do, will I be awakened by a severe storm, one for which I am not prepared?…Have some of us done that spiritually???

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  1. Powerful thoughts, Mid, for sure. God reveals so much through the seasons. I was just in the garden enjoying the breeze and the cooler temps, too. Our garden is producing beautifully this year. It make me think of the Kingdom harvest — have we sown and cultivated as we should have? Have we fertilized with prayer and sheding the love of God abroad? Will God’s harvest be a rich yield or will it be sparse because we have failed to fulfill our duty as Kingdom gardeners? Will harvest time come when so many are unprepared because we’ve failed to do our part? Great ponderings, my sister. Seems we were thinking alike, as if that should surprise either one of us!Love,Jan


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