Remembering September 11, 2001

It DID happen!!

Please check out my post on Captain Thomas J. Farino and the response from his wife, Mary. She is happily married now, but I’m sure the loss is still there in her heart and in their children’s. Capt.Thomas Farino~9/11
A Note From Mary Farino

A poem I wrote soon after that fateful day:

Someday, Peace . . .

Pain unspeakable, taking emotions prisoner
Battering the soul with images tender hearts cannot endure.
The enormous depth of anguish cannot at length be fathomed,
Nor the mount of sorrows scaled within a single lifetime.

Outcries hide in caverns of unrequited silence,
Tears flow unrestrained into streams of mass frustration.
Sleep comes not, for the vigil, held amid the devastation,
Burning eyes with hallowed cinders of the cherish . . . lost.

Yet echoes of a faith not buried, nor crumbled underneath the rubble
Bring unrelenting waves of peace surpassing comprehension.
And with it springs up courage, molding heroes from the ashes,
Who, despite the dangers hidden, care beyond their lives.

Still, vengeance is but God’s alone, in perfect judgment executed,
Bringing hatred to its knees beneath the blue of freedom’s skies.
Released from shackles of oppression, the wounded heal in Love’s embrace,
And in the face of hope rebuilt . . . fades the battle cry.

© Mid Stutsman 2001

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