Dark Portrait Painted

When America was a foundling nation, she called upon the Lord, and yet, there was blood upon her hands against those who inhabited the land. Still the Lord blessed because of those who cried out to Him. America prospered and grew, but the sacrifice was great. Bloodshed and oppression reached a pinnacle and we fought among ourselves, kin against kin. The result was freedom for some, but an even greater oppression for others. And yet, our nation forged on and became mighty in both power and knowledge. But with that power, and with that knowledge, has come complacency and greed and gluttony. Material wealth has replaced our dependence upon the Lord for our daily needs. Technology has replaced our desire to understand His Word. The love of many has grown cold. That which is evil is called good, and that which is good is called evil. The judgments of God against this nation increase in intensity, and yet none take heed. Prophets speak from their own adulterated hearts and preachers preach from the popular writers of our times. There is a hunger for the pure Word of the Lord. There is a desperate need for prophets who will stand up and condemn this nation that has turned away from God and from His blessings. Prophets who will declare the Word of the Lord as a warning and call God’s people to repentance.
This painting of my beloved America is dark and streaked with the blood of innocents taken daily from us. It is muddied and smeared with sin. But I have left a portion in the upper right hand corner open. There, a light shines for a remnant who will walk in the midst of this darkness and call upon the Lord. Perhaps, there is yet Hope

“The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much!” James 5:16b


  1. I couldn’t agree with you more. When you use the Word as the plumb line, you see where we fall so short. It is by God’s mercy ALONE that this nation is who and what it is. It will be by His judgment that this nation will reap the rewards for her apostasy and idolatry, having turned away from the God who has blessed her so abundantly. The blood of the innocents cries out from the ground and God will not turn a deaf ear. There is a price to be paid … we haven’t seen anything yet. With Rosh HaShanah beginning on the eve of the 30th, we have an opportunity to join the Hebrews as they enter into the “Ten Days of Awe” … days of reflection, repentance, and seeking God’s forgiveness and mercy. This is to be a solemn time, a time set apart to God and praying for His mercy.Would that each assembly of believers call a “solemn assembly” and enter into a ten-day season of repentance on behalf of this nation and the failure of God’s people to fulfill their role in preparing the world for the soon-appearing Messiah.Blow the trumpet in Zion … sound the alarm on His holy mountain. Our Redeemer is coming soon!


  2. Mid, you have deep searching true thoughts and insights. I keep saying, yes…yes…! Thank you for writing this.PS I’ve got something for you over on my blog…


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