Consider These Deceptions…

I want to bring your attention to something I have gained a perspective on from my research on my latest novel, Barriers. My heart is knit with Israel. My love for this country and its people couldn’t be stronger. But for those of you who feel as I do, I want to issue this caution: Keep a right perspective on all that is happening there. Israel and her current government and policies are far from perfect. They exploit, oppress, torture and exterminate at will, those whom they will, often without regard to human decencies for their own people or for those Arabs living within Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza.

Keep in mind that, except for Messianic Jews, Israelis and Jews around the world have rejected the Lord Jesus as the Son of God–Christ–Messiah. Contrary to what some popular preachers are proposing now, Jews absolutely do need to accept Jesus as their Messiah, in order to be saved. The scriptures spoken by the Lord, Himself, say as much. No amount of twisting the Word of God in either the Old or New Testament can make this truth say that they can go on in their unbelieving state and still be saved. Not Hagee, not anyone else who holds services in support of Israel and tells Jews they are fine, spiritually speaking, especially when they deny the deity of Christ.

Don’t be deceived. This is an age old deception put forth by the father of lies, satan, in order to keep Jews from hearing the truth and believing on Jesus Christ. Don’t rob these people who are the apple of God’s eye. They have a special place in His End Time Economy, but they still must hear the truth.

Stay focused as more and more deceptions infiltrate through the “church”. New Age meditation or contemplative prayer and music, Eastern practices and beliefs that all roads lead to heaven…replacement theology…that believing in Jesus is narrow minded and Jews don’t have to believe in Jesus…that solid basic truths and values put forth in the Old and New Testaments are outdated. Homosexuality is a sin, just as surely as murder, lying, cheating, stealing, gluttony, adultery, denying the deity of Jesus, and the list goes on. We are living in an age that was prophesied by the Lord; As it was in the days of Noah and Lot, so shall it be when the Son of Man is revealed: Luke 17:26- Think about it!!

People…read your Bibles!! Don’t be led astray and miss the purpose for which you were created… if you don’t know what that is, then you really do need to read God’s Word, and not some new twisted version either, that strips it of its original content and meaning.

Be strong and steadfast as the Day of the Lord approaches–Jesus said those who do His will and remain faithful will be hated by the world, even by their own families, but He then says… He who endures to the end shall be saved!! Matthew 10:22
May we all be found faithful when that day comes suddenly upon us!


  1. ooooo…I love your new look! Mid, I am so proud of the stand that you take for the truth. So many want to hide behind words like “tolerance”, “brotherhood”, “world view”, etc. Jesus said there is only ONE WAY. We are thought to be cold and narrow, and it’s sad that they can’t see the truth.


  2. I appreciate your cautions in this piece. The honesty is something I find lacking in many pro-Israel articles. Both your love for Israel and the truth of their present spiritual condition shine through.


  3. Shari put me on to your site and I really enjoy your views…since I’m in total agreement. I have also learned Jesus birth is on Tishrei 15 Feast of Tabernales. And there is much proof for that. I’ll send you to my site when I have that put together. A site you’ll enjoy is It is hard to find churches that teach the truth through Hebrew Roots….this has been an amazing reunderstanding of the Torah…I hope you enjoy it as well.


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