Merry Christmas~Emanuel!!!

Christmas 2008… what an eyeopener for me in so many ways. I never liked the word Christmas, because of the association with the catholic mass…but I found out from a friend that mass means celebration… So, celebrate Christ today!! Along with that, I just got an email from the Institute for Creation Research about Jesus’ birth being in late August, early September. If you count back, you come to His miraculous conception happening around the end of December!! Which means, we can celebrate the most important aspect of Christmas–His Immaculate Conception!
Imagine…the Son of God, willing to become Emanuel, God With Us! I have a new perspective on this Blessed Celebration that liberals, atheists and naysayers would love to see dissolve into a mere pagan holiday. May we cling to the Truth and never let the true meaning of Christmas get lost in the frivolity and commercialization! Let’s keep Christmas alive for all that it portrays: God’s Amazing Love, His Son’s Willingness to live among us, die for our sins, and live again with the promise to return for those of us who believe in and follow Him, and for the awe-some power of the Holy Spirit in Christ’s conception, and in our lives as we live for the Lord!



  1. Mid, this thought of “God with us” has been my theme of Christmas this year. The thought that this is the time of His conception is beautiful. That’s the REAL miracle!Thanks for this,Vonnie


  2. Hi Mid,Jesus immaculate conception occuring in December is an awesome thought. Thanks for sharing that. Such a shame to see the world trying to have the holiday while divorcing itself from One who caused the holiday.ThanksPeter


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