Amazing, God!

If God were anymore amazing, I feel my heart would burst… His mercies toward me are new every morning, even when, and especially when, I wake up and feel sad or overwhelmed by what has happened the day before or throughout the week.

We wish we could live above the realm of time, like our Father does, and see the end from the beginning. But that’s exactly the opposite of how we live, and it’s for a very good reason. Satan, the accuser, says God is unjust, unfair, and doesn’t really care about us. In order to prove him wrong, we need to live our relationship with the Lord by faith. Faith in things not seen. Faith in knowing that what He says about our “end” will come to pass.

The truth will prevail when all is revealed at the end of the age…until then, we must live out each second, of each minute, of each hour, of each day, of each week, of each month, of each year of our lives, trusting in the One who does see the end from the beginning and promises to be with us through it all!!

What a privilege to know that we will be the ones who will vindicate the Lord before the host of those who choose to follow the “deceiver” down the wide, easy, and popular road to eternal separation from their Creator. We–simple, human, frail, weak, prone to failure, creatures…we will be the ones, through our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and through His strength and power, who will stand before the Throne, clothed in His righteousness and wrapped in His mercy and grace.

If we live our lives, trusting the Lord through each situation that confronts us, it is a testimony that flies in the face of satan’s lies and accusations against Him. That’s pretty amazing, God!!!

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  1. I know a song called, “He Stands On My Behalf”. I love it! It shows the love that the Lord has for us, refuting satan’s accusations and taking our shame. Thank you for this post, Mid.


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