This is from my sweet friend on Facebook, Sharon Manning:

There is a buzz all around. We turn this way and that and from every angle we hear of things happening in Washington, in Israel, in Iraq and elsewhere. People giving their opinions and asking for ours. The political and economic scene in the nations is the general focus today.

So words I read in Isaiah 40 in the NLT this morning were quite a change. Isaiah 40 talks about the greatness of GOD and verse 17 relates: ” all the nations (that which we are so focused upon and fearful of) are less than nothing in His eyes-mere emptiness and froth…”

You know froth, that foamy stuff that instantly bubbles up to fill the cup when you are drawing a fountain beverage and then disappears quickly leaving only a residue? That stuff… froth is how GOD views the nations, their power, their decisions and actions…

On the other hand although, one prophet says that we must seem like grasshoppers to GOD (Isaiah 40:22), the psalmist says GOD never stops thinking of us (Psalm 139) and King Solomon says that the sons of men (that’s us) are GOD’s delight (Proverbs 8:31); Jeremiah declares that the ALMIGHTY has specific plans for each of us (Jeremiah 29:11)and Paul tells how we are GOD’s poem (workmanship) prepared to do specific things and that our Creator has set the stage for us to do them in.(Eph 2:10)

While man’s view seems to be the nations, GOD’s view is to each individual person. As HE tells us, HIS ways are not ours; HIS thoughts are much higher than ours and what HE plans will come to be .(Isaiah 55:8-11) So let’s look to the Creator of the universe, the Shepherd of the stars, our very own Redeemer to know what is important.

GOD says that HE uses the temporary (light?) troubles all around to achieve for us eternal wonderful things that far outweigh the hurt and struggle of today. HE urges us to look not on what we can see–the problems of the nations and the struggles of our lives but on what we can not yet see– that HE is achieving for us through these things (II Corinthians 4:16-18)

So what is it you’re looking at? The froth and the residue? Or are you looking to our Creator and getting HIS instructions for your part in HIS plans? Remember HE brings HIS reward with HIM when HE comes…


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