Remnant called to prayer and worship

A remnant of faithful believers is being called by the Holy Spirit to be in prayer for American, Israel and countries such as North Korea. How can I say remnant in this country of a church on every corner? Because many are called, but few are chosen – our Lord’s own words – many churches are harboring practices and views contrary to the Word of God. And God will not be mocked. Those believers who see clearly what is happening with the “powers that be” know that it’s only a matter of time before “all hell breaks loose” across this land. We need to be praying as never before that God will use those of us who truly trust and believe in Him to minister to those who will be desperate for help, comfort and wanting to hear the Truth in the Bible that long has been withheld from them. We are prayer warriors called to worship the God of Abraham, Issac and Jacob… in spirit and in truth. The Holy Spirit is calling the army of God to arms!!! As we take back this land by battling the forces of darkness in the spirit, may the God of Heaven go before us … The victory is the Lord’s!


  1. Mid, I’m with you! Very inspiring post. I am quite concerned about some recent statistics that indicate those who consider themselves religious (in America) has declined in all 50 states!


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