Spring! Flowers! Hope!

It’s amazing how, when the sun shines and spring flowers push their way up through the remnants of last fall and winter and burst into bloom in spite of the temperatures, that my heart hopes, regardless of the headlines and the circumstances of life. There is hope in the renewal of spring, along with the promise of new beginnings, even in the face of danger looming on the horizon. And, if we gaze upon the faces of such beauties, we can see a peaceful trust in their Creator. They, along with the rocks, would shout out praises to Him, if we would fail to do so. When storms come, they bend with the wind and drink up the life-giving rain with thankfulness. When the sun shines, they lift their heads and bask in the warmth.
Jesus said we should be more like them, and take no thought for tomorrow. They trust the Lord God…how much more should we, who are made in His likeness!! Matthew 6:25-34

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