Winter Assaults…yet, Hope Lives!!!

What a difference a day makes!! A system snow storm came through last night and threw a heavy wet blanket of snow over our Spring finery!! Ahhh… but just like the storms of life, hope always shines through as though in defiance of the dictates of Winter’s last blast. It was absolutely beautiful this morning in spite of not wanting to see anymore snow until the end of the year. The lesson? I think you’ve already guessed it…never give into despair when trials seem to weigh you down and hit you just when you thought things were going well. God is always in control, and will keep that glimmer of hope alive… you just have to look closely enough to see it.


  1. We got some snow, too, but it didn’t last. Still, I’m ready for some warm, work outside in the sun days, aren’t you?I’m glad you could find joy, beauty, and a spiritual lesson in the midst of it. Thanks for sharing.


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