Out of Sync

Ever felt very insignificant? Out of sync? Invisible? Lost in the crowd?

That was me today. Devastating circumstances lashed out against my faith and convictions, and all I could do was listen until I was alone and able to let the tears flow. My faith is solid, founded on the Rock, Jesus Christ. The Truth in God’s Word is so real and plain to me, but I was shown by someone I love dearly, that Satan’s lies are seeping ever so slowly into churches and teachings today. Subtle lies. One at a time. Obscuring the Truth, until soon, the Truth will seem to be the lie and the lie will masquerade as the Truth. There was nothing I could say. What I “believe” appears old fashioned and outdated. In today’s emerging church, dogma is pitted against a “feel-good” spirituality that is not harsh or absolute. The Truth of God’s Word does not fit into our “Christian” society anymore.

When I walked down to my garden to try to make sense of all I’d heard, I took this picture and thought: “that’s just how I feel–one very tiny and very alone blue flower hidden away in all that abundant foliage.” But the Lord showed me I was looking at this seemingly insignificant blossom the wrong way.

Though but one blue flower, it became visible as I got closer, just like the Truth in God’s Word is there for those who seek it out. And once found, its vibrant beauty stood out against the backdrop of green leaves. A closer look showed a myriad of buds swelling and soon to open… it wouldn’t be alone for long. In a few short weeks, that same plant will be covered in blue blossoms and will stand out in my garden–a beautiful sight to behold. But that’s a lesson for another time; for now, I no longer feel so isolated and out of sync…


  1. I am confident your silence today spoke far louder than any words could have in the situation. You live out your life in a way where Christ is visible…you didnt need to speak. I am sorry you had to endure this situation, but thankful GOD revealed His truth to you thru the single blue flower in your garden.Blessings, love, and prayers, andrea


  2. Mid, what you have said about the teachings in churches today is so very true. I, my family and a few other famies have even been ask to leave a church in the past. Our truth teaching was seen as "non loving". While God is a God of love, that is not all that HE is and He even warns us in His Word of the luke warmness, the the rising up teaches to serve thier itching ears. This is exactly what is happening. Just more steps in the progress of time according to His Word and the end days.


  3. Mid, I loved this post!! It is so true! This week as I prayed for our country, I was overwhelmed with tears, feeling exactly what you described here. Thanks for your words of hope and encouragement! God bless you, Cheri


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