All spring and summer I headed out with my Sony camera, hoping to capture my favorite insect-the dragonfly. But their capricious antics and sudden darts and dives and refusal to land anywhere for more than a second, left me without a picture. Then this last Saturday, as I was outside mounting some pictures for our County Fair, one landed on the table. I drew in a shocked breath and told it to wait while I dashed inside for my camera. First I had to find it, then, the memory stick was in my purse from trips to the photo center, so I had to get it out and insert it before I could use it. As I hurried back outside, I had a sinking feeling it wouldn’t be there, but it was. It hadn’t moved. It stayed in that position while I shoot it from every angle I could. I was beginning to worry that it had landed in some of the glue over-spray and was stuck, but after eight pictures, it took off and flew away.

You might be thinking, “Big deal.” But I was and am still thinking, “Thank you, Lord!” It WAS a big deal to me. To have one land right in front of me and stay there for over ten minutes, left me praising Him for the little things that show us just how much He cares for us. And the timing couldn’t have been more perfect. If you look closely at the picture, by landing on a white sheet, all of its gorgeous colors show up perfectly and even reflect in its shadow.

If God cares that much about little matters, how much more does He care about really important and serious matters concerning our lives!!
Thank you, Father, for Your infinite and beyond understanding Love!!


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