Salt, Lights, and Ambassadors

While I wait for the go-ahead to share my new endeavors with you, I want to share some things the Lord has laid upon my heart and some words of wisdom from my daughter, Jessica.

There seems to be two views of what’s happening in the world right now and what our response is to be as followers of Jesus the Christ-Yeshua HaMashiach.
One camp has a fatalist mentality: we are living in the last days and therefore there is no reason to project into the future as far as our children or possible grandchildren are concerned. In other words, many have simply shut any possibility of a future on this earth for future generations. They spell doom and gloom and watch for the rapture. They have given up on America, seeing that she is under God’s judgment.
The other camp, and I hope you are in this group: we are living in the last days and therefore there is great reason to be about the Father’s business of saving souls! We need to be genuine salt…preserving the lives of those who need to hear the gospel of Jesus, the Son of God. We need to be lights…showing the way of life everlasting to those who sit in great darkness, under the deceitful lies of Satan. Our prayers for America are vital now, more than ever. There are many faithful believers who are praying fervently for this country to see the Light and trust in God.
One group sees no importance in praying for the future of their families and the other sees the immediacy of praying for their family members to become servants of the Most High God and harvesters for His Kingdom!

I love this land, and while I see God’s hand of judgment in many of the calamities happening right now, I know there brothers and sisters in Christ who are standing in the gap with me… I hope you are one of them!!
In His Love,


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