Down Under…

It never ceases to amaze me how planting a dried up bulb down deep in the dirt will produce a beautiful and oft times fragrant spring flower.
Today I planted over 30 some spring bulbs. Down into the 4 inch hole they went, then they were covered over… Dirt, Dried Bulb, Darkness, Dead of Winter + Warm Spring Sunshine and Rain = Breathtakingly Beautiful Flowers!
This is a poem I wrote about death, both spiritual and physical for a believer:
Falling slowly
into the darkness,

the emptiness
softly covering me~

hidden away
where a transformation,

what I can’t see.

Within the death
that I succumb to,

a deeper awareness
comes to be~

that which changes
and takes me upward

to a newness of life
awaiting me!
© Mid Stutsman

In His Love,

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