Sunshine and Diamond Dust

Sunshine after the Storm!! Beautiful, and even though I love snow storms and snowy days, there’s just something about the sun shining on pure unspoiled snow that pulls smiles from my heart! Wish I could capture the  glitter and sparkle of this scene…like diamond dust sprinkled over our world…What wealth beyond measure displayed…what love the Father lavishes upon us!!

In His Love,



  1. Thank you, Pat…my son's best friend lives in Dallas, and I have a son in San Antonio and a daughter in Austin…I don't think they miss the weather we're having right now 😉 Thank you also for the invitation! I'll write you back about it.blessings!


  2. The snow is beautiful. I brings delight to my heart each time I see it. We awoke to a dusting this morning…just enough to be beautiful.Blessings, andrea


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