Will Your Lawyer Be With You When You Stand Before God??

from Ezekiel33 Graphics
Think about it: one day we will all have to stand before the most awesome Being in all the universe. We will have to give account of all we’ve thought, of all we’ve said, of all we’ve done. Anything we’ve looked at, anything we’ve read, anything we’ve passed on to others. All of our deeds, all of our gossip, all of our backbiting, all of our murmuring, all of our complaining, all of our anger, hatred, envy, lies.  Are you feeling uneasy? Is this making you a little nervous?  If you’ve given your heart and mind to Jesus, it shouldn’t. If you are covered by His shed blood, you should be rejoicing that He is your advocate before the throne of God! If you are walking in fellowship with the most exulted Being, in whom dwells all the fullness of God, then you know you can ask for forgiveness and receive God’s grace and mercy! You know you can call upon Him and He will answer. He will heal. He will provide. He will protect. He will keep you from the evil one. And you know with certainty He will come again to receive you unto Himself. He is the Alpha and Omega-the Beginning and the End, the Lamb slain from the foundations of the world and the coming Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He is worthy of all praise and power and dominion and glory for ever and ever!  Amen! And I know I want Him by my side!!
In His Love,


  1. Oh Rita…I wish this Truth could get out to the whole world, but God knows who needs to hear it, and I'm definitely not the only one shouting it out! Have I told you lately that I love you, too?? 🙂 ♥♥♥


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