One Day, A World Without Sin…

On twitter this morning I wrote: “Early morning woods blanketed with flowers and mossy green dreams. It’s quiet with only bird song and the crunch of last winter’s remains.” 
There is a calm when walking through a remote area like our woods. Moss covered logs, trees wrapped up in their pretty green shawls, flowers tumbling down banks and carpeting the woodland floor. I am attuned to the rustling and flitting of creatures around me, and to the melodic chatter of birds, but most of all, I feel the Lord’s presence. But as beautiful as my microcosm of paradise is, He reminds me that this will all pass away. That, indeed, it has been spoiled and infected with sin as evidenced by “last winter’s remains”. And yet, one day He will destroy sin completely and create a new heavens and earth for us to enjoy without the decay, ugliness and misery we see all around us. How glorious it will be, I can’t even imagine…but I can’t wait to find out!!! 

In His Love,


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