Separating Sheep and Goats–A Warning!

I was thinking about the words of the Lord concerning the fate of those who accept and believe on Him and those who reject Him as the Son of God and Savior. His parable of the sheep and goats came to mind. He didn’t casually pick those two animals as an analogy. If you know anything about sheep, you know they are loyal, and placid. They follow their caretaker, stay with the flock, and they peacefully graze in the pasture chosen for them. And they know their master’s voice.
Goats, on the other hand, are mischievous and inquisitive. They do not respect boundaries and will browse on anything that strikes their fancy . . . sometimes to their destruction. They are rambunctious to the point of being uncontrollable at times and will not obey unless they decide they want to, often running after whom ever comes along–leaving their masters exasperated.
Many are the church denominations that fit into the goat category, for they have run after “other” masters, whose words they focus on, instead of God’s. And, to their detriment, they base their theology on false teachings often mingled with pagan philosophies. Once again, these concepts have crept into the church today under men like Rick Warren and others who have introduced mystical and eastern religion practices into their universal beliefs.
One day, Jesus said He will separate the sheep and the goats…which means they are in the same field together. (To the world, all “Christians-so-called”, look alike.) But He knows those who follow His Voice and do the Will of the Father, and those who staunchly stand on the interpretation of the Bible by a charismatic man (past or present) and stubbornly refuse to hear the Truth set forth in God’s Word. Make no mistake, there is a separation coming . . . one unto eternal life and one unto eternal damnation reserved from the beginning for Satan and his fallen angels. Take heed that you do not fall for the heresy of universalism and the “All roads lead to heaven” and “All eventually will be saved” doctrines. Jesus was very strong in His statement that No One will enter the kingdom of heaven except those who believe in Him. John 14:6 “Jesus saith unto him, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” His death was so horrendous and unbearably cruel, that to say He suffered it for nothing–that all will be saved in the end–is the worst heresy of all. His death was for all who would believe in Him . . . period.
I hope you will make the conscious decision to believe in Jesus, to acknowledge your sins and accept His death on your behalf, and to follow His Words–His Truth–and not some man’s interpretation. His Word is there for all to delve into and understand . . . but make sure you are hearing His Voice.
In His Love,


  1. Mid, awesome truth! Thank you. Sometimes I wonder if I am losing it or too finicky. But you have confirmed for me that the Word IS black and white in its teaching. :)Blessings friend,Karlene


  2. Thanks, Mid. I feel like we can't hear this message enough these days. I was recently in a meeting with (among others) a woman from another denomination who didn't believe the Bible to be much more than "good stories and moral teaching" and another woman who is in the process of preparing for her installation as head priestess in a local Wiccan coven. These two bonded in their discomfort at being in a group with a "conservative born-again". It was frightening and sad to see the great compromise of the "visible church" with the world on a micro basis.


  3. Andrea, you are a blessing to me…more than you know!And Hey, Karlene!! You are so right…the Word IS black and white, especially when there are so many places that agree with this. I could have quoted tons of verses, but I would hope people would search it out on their own and let the Holy Spirit speak to their hearts. :)Lori, I miss you!! I wish I had so much more time to keep in touch with everyone! Praying that the Lord will cover you with His presence and make you shine with the Light of His Love!! Hang in there!!Love you all!!


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