Outward Show or Inward Identity with Jesus?

I love birds!! Living on an 85 acre farm, surrounded by over 27 acres of woods, I’ve spotted 37 different birds that make their home here. And there are more I hope to be able to identify. Birds are easy to recognize by their markings,  their songs, or their antics, like the Grosbeak at my kitchen window feeder. Though he has a mouth full of suet, you can still see the thickness of his beak, but what makes him identifiable as a Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, are the red feathers below his neck. There is simply no mistaking him for any other bird. His is an outward characteristic that is immediately noticeable, which made me wonder about our role in society as Christians.
Do our characteristics and traits, and the way we conduct ourselves make us identifiable as ones who follow Jesus Christ? Are we in the world but not of it? Are we set apart unto holiness? We don’t have to be in bondage by adhering to a strict code of dress or lifestyle for people to see that we follow a different set of standards. Just something to ponder . . .

In His Love,


  1. I love my birds, too, Mid! I live on 26 acres and it's so much fun to watch all of them around the house. You make an interesting point with your analogy…something to think about… 🙂


  2. Great article! I just finish a 158 page thesis on this very subject! The character traits that God intends for His children. Titled, Defining Character, Living in Harmony by God's Design.Every time I visit here, I am inspired! Hugs, Rita


  3. Hanne, here is just something about birds that stir my heart…like flowers, butterflies, sunrises and sunsets, God's Creative hand just amazes me!!Thank you, Rita. How awesome is that! Are you getting a masters or something? I guess I'm not caught up on your life…need to head over to your ramblings!! 🙂


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