Stormy Lessons

I walk this millrace every morning as the weather permits . . . the storm damage from Friday, June 17th, was unbelievable. Everywhere you go across northern Indiana, there is evidence of tree damage . . . and many fell on homes and cars and power lines. This home escaped, as the tree fell toward the water.
Life is fragile, and it is no more evident than after a strong storm. The hurricane force winds we just encountered whipped trees around with an angry vengeance . . . only the strong survived, and many of those lost weak and sickly or dead branches. It’s like nature’s way of pruning out the decay to give the healthy trees and bushes a better chance for survival.
As frightening and deadly as severe weather can be, I see a lesson to take to heart. Physical storms can bring fears to the surface and allow us to deal with them as we turn to the Lord for His help. Spiritually speaking, the storms of life reveal our weaknesses, and as we allow the Lord to prune away all that is not of Him, it enables us to take on His strength. Free from our cumbersome worries, doubts and fears, we are better able to fend off Satan when he comes against us with the force of his fury.
So take heart, be strong in the Lord and brace yourselves when those storms come, for come they will and with increasing intensity. But we, who trust in the Lord, will not only survive, we will conquer and be victorious! Psalm 1:1-3 — Jeremiah 17:7,8
In His Love,

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