Sands of Incomprehensible Grace

I scoop sand into my hand and let it sift through my fingers. Millions of grains of sand in one small handful from one small beach out of millions of beaches upon the face of the earth. My mind cannot comprehend the mathematical calculations it would take to compute how many grains of sand there are. It is the same with snowflakes–the mathematical probability of any two being alike puts my brain into overload. Or like the stars just in our small galaxy–and yet, the Word of God says He tells the number of them and calls them all by name! Psalm 147:4 What an awesome God we serve…how can we possibly understand the depth and the riches of His grace toward us? It is favor unmerited…it cannot be obtained by works of the flesh. It is given to us…a gift free and clear of any effort on our part to obtain it! Trying to win God’s favor by any effort, no matter how pious, is an offense to the Father…it makes the sacrifice of Christ’s life upon the cross of no effect! God requires nothing from us apart from faith/believing in the shed blood of His Son, Jesus, for the remission of our sins. Our eternal security depends upon our faith in His Grace…grace that is unfathomable, like the sands of the sea!!

In His Love,

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