Rising Above the Need to be Recognized…

Ever put forth your absolute very best, only to be told it wasn’t quite good enough? Worked hard to accomplish a goal, only to find out it didn’t fit someone’s expectations? Created an original masterpiece, only to be passed by without any recognition??
What is it within human nature that longs for a pat on the back, as it were? A small token of appreciation…a word of praise? Is it just “self”, manifesting and tempting us to indulge in a bit of ego pleasing, or is it something deeper?
I think it started long before we were created, but all the same, it started in the heart of a created being. When you read Isaiah 14 with Ezekiel 28, you find an interesting parallel. A dual prophesy that goes beyond describing the king of Babylon and gives insight into the reason for satan’s fall from righteousness. PRIDE.
He was the seal of perfection. He was beautifully clothed in the most exquisite of gems. He was the Keruv–the Covering Angel…the one who protected God’s Holiness. But it wasn’t enough. He wanted more. He wanted to be like God…actually, he wanted to surpass God. He wasn’t satisfied with who or what he was created to be. He saw the adulation given to the Creator, and he desired to be acknowledged in the same way. And you know the rest of the story…

The next time you are passed by, rejected, or find yourself just shy of the spotlight, remember your goal is to lift Jesus UP, so He can draw all men unto Himself. And if, by way of God’s blessing, a pat on the back comes your way, there is nothing wrong with being recognized, as long as your heart is to direct the spotlight  onto the One, who alone is worthy of praise and honor and glory.

In His Love,

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