Ignoring the Warning Signs…

A beautiful placid pond . . . serene, still, quiet. On the other side is the dam and spillway. The rope and floats stretch across one end as a warning, hopefully to prevent someone from going over the dam, which would be a most unpleasant and potentially dangerous ride.
Today, as I took pictures of the pond, peacefully reflecting the sky and clouds, I fumed against the eyesore of the dirty rope and scummy floats. It ruined the view…and my pictures. Until my friend said they were put there to save lives. Someone smack me upside the head, please!!
Isn’t that a lot like people are today when someone utters a warning about the End Times being near, and that we should be preparing our hearts and lives for Christ’s Imminent Return? “Stop!” They say. “It ruins our peaceful lives. You are being such a pessimist. Just enjoy today and don’t think about what may or may not be coming. And for heaven’s sakes, take those ugly warning floats out of the picture!”
Sound familiar? Do they not see the dam on the other side?
Which makes me wonder if they’ll be begging someone to slap them upside the head one day soon?

In His Love,

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