True Reality Dwells in a Secret Place…

Each of us is called out of the world’s system of sin and decay and set apart unto the One who redeemed us from that darkness. And yet, how many of us fully understand the magnitude of that calling? The senses of what we perceive to be reality keep us occupied, and many of us fail to attain to the level of spiritual maturity God desires for us. We are too busy with tasting, touching, smelling, seeing, hearing and especially thinking to enter into the spiritual realm. We let our appetites and desires control us. The deceiver uses the voice of reason when he says that what can’t be seen doesn’t exist. When he tells us we are merely flesh and blood, and miracles that are contrary to what we know to be true, can’t really happen. He tells us to focus on the natural realm, but God says to dwell in His secret place . . . a place where the natural gives way to true Reality and miracles are the norm! I hope your reality is based on the Word of God and His faithfulness. He is calling you to a higher place . . . a secret place . . . a place that is hidden in plain sight!

In His Love,


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