The Heaven’s Declare His Glory!

The Heavens Declare His Glory!! Psalm 19:1
We have been watching Planet Earth . . . our son got it for my husband’s 60th birthday present. Talk about the heavens and the earth declaring God’s amazing handiwork!! Tonight, while enjoying one of the most pleasant evenings we’ve had all summer, I happen to turn around and see the sun setting . . . I just grabbed my camera and took this picture through our screened window! Love how the sunbeams form a cross. Need I say more?
People simply won’t have any excuse about not knowing or having heard about the Lord when they stand before the judgment throne of God. I hope you are secure in your walk with the Lord . . . if not, there is no better time than now to search the heavens along with the Scriptures and confess your faith in Jesus, the only Son of the only Living God!

In His Love,


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