Oh, Those Amazing Clouds!

Something about clouds stirs my imagination and gives wings to inspiration. This picture was taken from the plane window on our trip home from Texas this summer. Click on it to enlarge! Within the billowing clouds, I saw mountains, towers, lakes, caves, cities…whole realms of fantasy driven destinations that beckoned me to open the window and step out of the plane to physically enjoy what I was seeing! But even more than that, they draw me into an expectation of wanting to see the Lord return on the clouds of heaven with great power and glory. Matthew 24:30 with Revelation 1:7 That longing fills my heart until emotionally, I feel I could burst! I think that’s the expectation He wants us to have every day . . . to live our lives as though it could happen any moment!! This is my desire every day . . .  I hope it’s yours!

In His Love,

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