Trusting God for Triumph Through Trials and Trails

Trails are full of adventure and excitement . . . they lead to somewhere, to something, to someone. One never knows what he or she will find around the bend, or over the hill, or down in the valley and that’s part of the anticipation . . . finding out what lies ahead. But sometimes, trails can be full of unpleasant surprises and hidden dangers, and that can lead to trials! A trial pops up when you least expect it and leads you off the beaten path, leaving you all alone in unfamiliar territory. Even experienced hikers can run into a trial on the trail. It’s when you find yourself in a that kind of situation that you most often will truly “find yourself”. Trails enrich your life with new and exciting experiences, while trials will put a damper on the experiences in your life. So if you find yourself lost in a trial, turn to the One who can turn you around and get you back on the right trail!
In His Love,


  1. LOL…Thanks, Laury… I had fun with this one…just changing two letters around made for an interesting comparison and object lesson. God is so amazing in what He shows from His creation!! He is the clever One! 🙂


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