Pray for Israel–Pray for America!

sundog 1 (3)This is so important, I am putting it everywhere I can!

In His Love,


  1. Mid, We need to pray. God has His set times, but I believe He also has given us the privilege to work with Him in prayer, and may delay these events in response to prayer so that more come to Him. (I'm so glad He is patient!) Obama does not represent the wishes and desires of all in the USA, and right now our country is going through a struggle to determine its values. The November 2nd elections will be telling.


  2. I agree we need to pray! Things are happening fast if you consider Israel's fulfillment of becoming a nation is only 62 years old… I have family I want to see saved. November isn't that far off, is it…?Thanks, Amy!


  3. Mid, thank you for that fascinating video. I posted it on FB and twitter for you. I finally found the right website. I have been going to with no success. (It's that dingbat syndrome I told you about 🙂 )Ahava!!Nan


  4. Nan…you are no dingbat!! 🙂 My website,, is under construction right now…going too slow for me, but my son needs time to get things set up for me. Thank you so much for posting other places for me. As you can see, hardly any one comes by my facebook page anymore…I'm too controversial and spiritually minded, which, translated means, no fun oh well! 🙂


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