Accepting the Unexpected

No matter how much we plan and design and scheme and manipulate our gardens, sometimes things just spring up and make themselves at home. Usually they are called weeds, and we put on our battle gear and go to war until they are eliminated from our rows of perfect produce. That is, if we are diligent and catch them before they take over!!
And then there are unexpected visitors who delight us with their presence, and we haven’t the heart to evict them. This year our wild Oswego Tea, sometimes called Monarda or Bee Balm, made such an appearance, and I wasn’t about to pull it out…so it grew up beside my Purple Cone flower bed and thrived. Most likely I’ll transplant it next year, but it did no harm and graced my garden with a myriad of blooms…much to the approval of my hummingbirds!
There are times in our lives when the unexpected happens, and we have to make a choice to either accept it as a blessing, or to fight it and hope it goes away. The tricky part is discerning what is the better course for the situation and for us, and that comes through prayer and faith in the Lord’s leading. Listening to His voice and searching out His Word makes it easier to distinguish between the nuisance of “weeds” in the gardens of our lives, or the blessings of “blossoms”!
In His Love,

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