Joy~Peace~Trust: Come What May . . .


This photo of my ‘cabin’ Hummingbird encapsulates my feelings right now ~ that of joy, peace, and trust! I am hearing so many Christians talk about being nervous and wringing their hands and weeping and fasting and praying that this 2016 election will go their way. What way? Is not our way the straight and narrow path that leads to life eternal with the Lord? Our way needs to be God’s way. HIS Will, not ours. If our freedoms and our right to worship are taken away or we are persecuted because of them, are we any better than our brothers and sisters in Christ in China, Iran, parts of Africa or wherever else they may be living under evil leadership?

I’ve been fasting and praying as well, but the Lord has given me peace. I know He is faithful to His Word~the Bible~the Holy Scriptures, for He says He will never leave me nor forsake me. It’s my faith in Him that engenders joy, peace and trust! And so we can and aught to pray for peace, but if it does not happen, we have this confidence within us that it will be all right, according to HIS plans and purposes! This is our witness to the world . . . may we be faithful to it!

In His Love,



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