More Than A Blur In Time . . .

The Lord is my Light and my Salvation!

We exist this side of time and space for such a short period ~ a blur in the lives of some, an indelible mark in the hearts of others. The image we leave behind at the end will speak volumes about our life and the impact it has had on those we’ve come in contact with, whether family, friends, or even strangers. Either Christ, the Son of God, shines through us and uses us to light the way for those lost in the dark, or we walk in darkness ourselves and are forgotten . . . like a passing shadow.

While some would advise developing a thick outer shell so as to make it through life with as few scars as possible, I believe we need to become as thin as a gossamer cloud, so the Light of God’s Love within will emit a glow so bright it will beckon others to follow us into eternal blessings!

In His Love,



  1. Love this image: ” we need to become as thin as a gossamer cloud,..” It is my heart’s desire that the Light of God’s love would shine brightly through me to bring hope into the darkened places. This is a beautiful post.


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